I purchased a Onkyo Home Theater Receiver (TX-NR1009)… got it home and opened the box… and low and behold I had been scammed… inside the box was a brand new TX-SR806. Go figure.Took it back, store manager made me feel like a thief as if I pulled this scam. He told me to bring it back the next day and speak to the store GM… guess what? Same thing! The GM made me feel like a thief too.Long story short, they are not replacing the unit with the correct one. I have filed a report with the Plano PD, called Fry’s Corp Office and opened a case, called Onkyo, and now I am down to suing Fry’s in JP Court in Collin County.Unbelievable! Someone really screwed me royally. I plan on blogging all over the place about this, contacting the BBB, and sending in a report to the FBI.I am beyond disbelief that this store would treat me this way, plus not even try to reverse lookup the scammed equipment. Any fool could look up serial numbers and see if the unit had been sold, and who to.I am on a mission to get my receiver and correct their mistake for them. Hopefully, my lawyer will get these people’s a*s and head on straight.PO’ed Fry’s Customer. I will never shop there again!

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