I ordered flowers to be delivered to my aunt on Valentines Day. I received a confirmation email & made sure that all the information was correct. When I hadn’t heard from my aunt by 6:30pm I started to get a little worried. I called the 800 # to check on the status of the order & was told they were too busy to check but provided a status inquiry site to enter the order # & my email address that they would respond to. I waited 1 1/2 hours but no response. Tried calling again received same response & filled out form again. It was now 9:00pm & still no return email with the status. I called again but after listening to the same recording all the way through I didn’t hang right up & someone came on the line & informed me that the order had myself as the receipient. I informed the young lady if that was the case I never received the flowers & according to the confirmation that my aunt was the receipient & that my address was not on the order. Then she told me that there were 2 orders which was a lie. She finally said the order had been canceled. When I asked her why she said that they didn’t deliver to that area of So. San Francisco. The confirmation letter had the correct address but never mentioned that they were unable to deliver to that area. Also while I had her on the line I looked up FTD in the yellow pages for So. San Francisco & they said they served that city. I asked her why didn’t someone call me to let me know & her reply was “I’m sorry””. I asked her 3 times why I wasn’t notified & received the same response everytime. Then came the issue of the refund. I bought their Gold Membership because it was cheaper than the shipping fee & it also lowered the amount of the taxes. I paid a total of 74.60 & this person tells me she’s going to refund me 49.95 which was the cost of the flowers only. I told her to also cancel the membership & wanted that refunded as well as the tax I paid. I informed her that if I did not receive the exact refund for the amount they took off my card I was going to report www.ftd.com to both the Better Business Bureau as well as the Federal Trade Commission. I will never use this company again & highly urge anyone considering using them not to!”

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