Complaint: My car broke down. I trusted these people to fix my cars computer. they said for 219$ they could do it. That I could ship it, and that I could have it back in a few days. Its been 20 days. They havent responded to ****1**** email. They dont answer their 1-800 number. Their 1-800 number comes up as ANOTHER COMPANY when you do GET IT,…….. when you get threw to once of their other numbers if you can manage, MY father said he got on the phone with a women last week, and she put him on hold for 15 minutes, and then hung up on him. Then they wouldnt answer again. He has been the only one to speek to a live person. If I dont receive my package in a week, I am taking them to small claims court. BUYER BEWARE EVERYONE. EVEN if these guys have an excuse as bad AS STUPIDITY,…like loosing the package, one would feel as though they could at least answer the the phone or take an e-mail to let their customer know what is going on. Also,.. I wrote their provider, to let me know if their web site was not working and their mail was broke, and they wont respond either. I know my mail is correct. There is no Bouncing. It is pure ignorance. All computer “checks and balances”” are right to ensure that these people are getting my messages. They simply wont answer. ENOUGH said. Lady NYX Gary

Tags: Auto Parts

Address: IndianaU.S.A.”


Phone: Internet U.S.A.