Complaint: My son and wife was in contact with Tim Banks @Full Service Timeshare. He told them that he sold their timeshare and need $990.00 on credit card and that day. They don’t have one and believed that the company was real and had me do it and when they get their money that was promised to them in 30 to 60 days, they would put what they owed back on my card. They are a scam and big time and something should be done about it. They emailed the paperwork and said to fill out and signed in front of a notary and mail back only!! My son & his wife did that and sent it certified mail and it was returned to sender refused unable to foward return to sender. My daughter inlaw emailed and called and no respones. They never called, emailed or letter, it was always on the phone when she called them. They finally told her to fax them and all the # that they gave her was not right. The name on the credit card and # was different. It said International timeshare #1-877-216-2672 FL and the # don’t go to anybody. When you call it is hot line and gives a 1-800 # to call. They dragged it on so long it has been four months since they took the money and the credit card is trying to fit it for us, but at this point we don’t know if we will get the money back from this scam company

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Address: 4741 centralst. #294 Kansas City, Montana United States of America

Website: www%2Efullservicetimeshare%2Ecom%[email protected]/

Phone: 1-877-444-2595