This is a synopsis of our experience with Fun For Life Club as discussed with you on October 16, 2008:nIn March of 2006, we received a phone call advising us that we had won a cruise and all that we needed to do to claim this was to listen to a short seminar on the Fun For Life vacation club.nWe attended the seminar in Niagara Falls, and as we were currently going to Florida each winter, their inexpensive costs per week were attractive. They showed us page after page of $299.00 to 499.00 accommodations. We signed up and paid them $14000.00 for a 20 year membership.nWe were told that the 2007 accomodations would be on their web site starting in September of 2006. September rolls around and they are not there so I phoned them and was told that it was too early, to look again in October. Well, October them November comes around and no accommodations other than very expensive ones, in Florida.nMy wife and I had a meeting with them in Mississauga and were assured that they would be forthcoming. Well, as you can guess, they never materialized.nWe contacted the Consumer Protection Branch who was investigating the club. nWe have been told by Consumer Protection that we are not the only persons taken for this ride and at this date (May 2009) it is still in the courts and may not be settled for years. nSuckerforlife26nNiagara Falls, OntarioCanada

311 Matheson Blvd. , Mississauga,, Ontario Canada


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