It is no surprise that the service received horrible service from this company. On my recent bachelorette party, the driver who normally i would have called an older gentlemen, i have to in this case specify dirty old man. His constant insinuation and innuendo made myself and my girlfriends very uneasy. I did later find out that this business is run out of the same gentlemans home. I felt that i should check on this hearsay before any action was taken and sure enough, He is suspended on the California Franchise Tax Board. I am certain at this point some illegal activity is taking place and implore everyone to look him up prior to service selection and ask for the appropriate licensing and insurance (which is what has me freaking out, had there been an accident). The link can be found here Entity ID: 2117220 Entity Name: FUNTIME LIMOUSINE, INC. Address: 5208 SEASHORE DR NEWPORT BEACH, CA 92663-2422 Entity Status: SUSPENDED

5208 SEASHORE DR SUITE B NEWPORT BEACH, California United States

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