I learned about Funtime Vacations by receivng free vacation giveaways for our event and after raffling off the vacation give aways for our non profit I though it was a great idea. So I called and spoke to a man named Rusty and he gave me sales pitch that I orginially thought sounded suspicios but was to good to be true. So, Rusty told me I could get paid by giving away free vacation vouchers to business non-profits. He said to received an unlimited amount of vacations voucher he would have his people call me. I got a call from the two older people in their 60’s or 70’s and after listeniing to them talk and tell me they make over $500 dollars a day and I would do the same within a couple of weeks, but first I had to just pay $69.00 dollars. So, I paid the $69.00 dollars and I never received anything for the money. I went to their website and it look like a 3rd grader put it together. I never was able to log in because it was down most all the time. So, now I have been fighting to get them to stop stealing $69.00 dollars amonth from my bank account. I got nothing from these people- no product or service for my money. I have called them and left message after message. I have contacted Bank of America and they have reported them also. I say people need to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision for fraud. After talking to Rusty (his nickname) and him giving me his grandios view of his company claiming to have 600 Funtime Vacation Representatives and a few calling centers based in Ohio & Florida ripping people off by scamming theri credit cards, someone needs to stop them and indict them on fraud. He has created a haphazard MLM that scams people for items that are free. He preys on the older people that are not technolgically savy like the older couple that owns Dreamkations. They are nothing but conspirators of Rusty’s Scam. Someone needs to protect the publice scam artist. Hopefully, you can catch him on his tours as a professional girls softball coach. Protect your money! We all have to work for our hard earned money! Dont get caught up in his Rustydoom by his brainwashed cronnies that look at him as their savior! Signed by a pissed off hard working American who has been scammed for his hard earned money.

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