Inwent to Furniture Fair in Eastgate Square on 07-12-10 to purchase a living roomngroup. Our salesman, Mark, was great in helping us find a selection that metnour needs and budget. He was a wonderful sales rep. We filled out a creditnapplication and gave a $200 deposit on the furniture (which cost $1600.00). Wenwere told that credit would be ran on Monday and we would have a decision bynTues. On Tues., we went back to the store after speaking with Mark.Ourncredit was declined by the lender and we decided to give Mark an opportunity tonmake the sale in a way that fit our budgeting requirements. He was not able tondo so and we decided to cancel the sale and go to another store to buy a couch.Intold the Sales Manager that I wanted to just get my deposit back andn”start over”” and that Furniture Fair was our “”first stop””nso I did not want to limit my options. He kept trying to sell me. He avoided discussing a refund and was quitenadamant about keeping my business in Furniture Fair. Although

this is smart in business…itnplace undue burden on the consumer who feels “”trapped””.Hentold me that they took my $200 to the bank and would “”mail me ancheck””. I immediately contested that

as I intended on purchasing a couchnwith that money and needed one immediately. I was never told that they would benreturning my deposit it another payment form and with delay. I told him that Inspecifically asked for the “”terms”” before I gave my money and do sonon EVERY purchase to avoid these conflicts and he snickered at me.Intold him I would be making a report with the BBB for these unscrupulousnbusiness practices and he vigorously picked up a sign and said


we have an A+ rating so do want you want””.Thisnwas an extremely tense situation that I