I purchased a VERY expensive dining set from this company. More than I’ve ever paid for any furniture, but it looked beautiful online and was replacing a set that was destroyed when we moved. The set included a table with 3 leaves, 8 chairs and a triple wide china cabinet. I placed the order the first week of October, and paid extra to ensure the set would arrive prior to Thanksgiving. It arrived just before Christmas! (They DID refund the extra delivery charges after I complained.) That was where the nightmare began. They changed the delivery date & time several times. On the actual confirmed delivery day, they were to arrive by noon. They showed up after 9:00PM, waking my child and totally disrupting the household. It took a couple of hours for them to bring in and set up all the furniture. Once they were done, I immediately saw that almost every piece was damaged somehow. There was a crack in the table, so the delivery driver pulled out a marker and colored in the crack, as if that would be the best solution. We spotted several other issues that night, but the rest weren’t visible until the next couple of days when we could see things in daylight. Some of the other issues included multiple cracks in the table and chairs, one chair leg completely broken off, silverware holder in china cabinet was broken beyond repair, rubber surrounding glass not installed correctly (appears some glass had broken at some point because there were shards of glass in the china cabinet,) gouges and scratches on every single piece. I contacted my credit card company to have them reverse the charges until this could be resolved. They said it could take up to 8 weeks to investigate. Furniture From Home rep waited until the last possible moment to contact me to arrange for repairs. (Literally, the night before the credit was to be made permanent!) They offered to send someone to repair the damages. Then I didnu2019t hear from them for another month, so I contacted my credit card company again to investigate. Once again, the rep from Furniture From Home waited until the last day to get in touch with me. They arranged for the repair company to call me to schedule repairs. When the repair company tried to reach them to say they needed to be paid up front before they would do the repairs (since they had no established relationship with Furniture From Home) THEIR calls were ignored for a couple of weeks too! Eventually, they worked out their end and showed up to make repairs. The repair company did their best to fix everything, but all the damages were still visibleu2026 just looked like a patch job. Considering the exorbitant price I was charged, the furniture should have been pristine! Never once did they offer to replace the damaged goods. The repair company had me sign a voucher that said they had been there, and that is how Furniture From Home was able to scam my credit card company into thinking I was satisfied, so they paid them and closed the inquiry. This company is HORRIBLE. I have gotten nothing but a runaround from them. The quality of the furniture is NOT worth what they charge and their customer service is HORRENDOUS! I placed this order at the beginning of October and it is now the end of JUNE and I’m STILL trying to get this straightened out. STAY AWAY from this company!!!

1041 W 18th St Costa Mesa, California USA



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