Complaint: I too was sold a sick Great Dane in May 2010. I actually have been trying to get in contact with other Great Dane families that were in Hanover that same day. I have been kicking myself for the past few months for not exchanging e-mails with the other families. Bruce is also fighting Mange. I feel so sorry for the puppy with the foot infection. As you all know the treatment for Mange is very costly not to mention no paperwork was mailed to the house which was promised 6 weeks from the day we picked up the puppies. How can she get away with this? Is there something we can all do together? I cant believe she is able to change her registered name that easily. I too have been trying to contact her through e-mail and she does not respond. I am eager to get in touch with her but am running out of ideas on how to do so. I did at one time google her address and found phone number, but now of course I have the courage to call her and can not research the number. Anyone who wants to keep in contact please do so. (((REDACTED))), it would be nice to hear from you all!

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Address: 102 Mussleman Road Hanover, Pennsylvania United States of America