Complaint: On July 10 I started moving out of the Gables Republic Towers at 350 N Ervay St. Dallas, Texas 75215. I was able to remove the large items with movers. However, my kitchen appliances and closet filled with highend luxury designer clothing was left behind to be picked up the next day. Upon my return the next day I notice that my key fob had been disabled. The door locks was changed as well. Confronted Shelley Adler the assistant manager and she stated the items were moved from the unit into onsite storage. And that I had 30 days to aquire my items. She showed me photos of all the items that was left behind. Which showed a completely filled closet. Kitchen appliances. A lamp. A large wall painting along with a few more paintings. Womens clothing. Versace, LV, Fendi, Purple label Ralph Lauren item. Bomber jackets. Sports coat. Over 40 highend sneakers. Jewelry and photos of my kids. Well I was set to go get well before the 30 days and Shelley Adler emailed me back stating her new manager said I can not have my items. They will be held until back rent and a numerous amount of fees was paid. A total 180 degree of we spoke about through email. My account was handed over to collection immediately. I was finally given their contact information on the 30th day(August 10). On that they I asked Shelley Adler can my items be kept in storage until I get in contact with the collection the following Monday (August 13) to make payment. She agreed yes. After speaking with the collection agency I contacted Shelley Adler. Afterwards, she spoke with the collection agency. She then emailed stating I can send someone to pick up my items. My reply was that I will get a mover to come by considering all the items that was in storage. She emailed me stating I would not need a mover. The maintenance crew had rubbish through my items and what was left would fit inside a car. She stated that there was a few boxes and and garbage bag or two left. Now, what happen with all my items over the weekend is something I will need answers on. What happen to the huge wall painting. The items left inside the apartment would need a mover not a car. Shelley Adler along with upper management stole all of my items. I have pictures of everything that was in there before they locked me out. I also have the photos that she emailed me of what was being store. Also, why was maintenance given access to my storage unit to steal my items. I have every email between Shelley and I and will be consulting my attorney. This place is full of suspect people. There has been an attempt force home invasion by two men dressed as women during daylight hours. The resident next door smoke marijuana and they did nothing. Resident let their pets urinate on the pottery in front the lobby door. Which stains the concrete and can be smelled at the entrance way. Security is rude. Front office is disengage with the reality that this place is run down. They refuse to inforce the rules that would make the place pleasant for all residents. Instead they focus on ripping off their tenants. I being one of them. I will also be going over this office and the Regional Manager head as she have not returned any of my calls concerning this issue. I look forward to their response and a posting of the photos she sent to me versus what was stolen out of storage. This will not just go away. If you are reading this avoid this place at all cost. It’s a fraud without any luxury amenities. No washier/dryer. Feel free to ask any questions about this place. As many that live there have complaints.

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Address: 350 N Ervay St Dallas, Texas United States


Phone: (214) 397-0500