I wasn’t sure how I wanted to expose this person Gabriela Gomez that ruined my family. But I felt like I needed to do something. It’s taken me over a month in a half to finally come to my senses and do this. A friend of mines mention this HOMEWRECKER site to me. So here I am exposing this BITCH. When I found Gabriela Gomez number in my boyfriend of 12 years phone I called her to make sure what was really going on between them. All she can say to me is that they been talking since she been working at Durham School Services in Pflugerville, Texas. My heart drop.. I was so hurt and lost!! I just wanted to hurt both of them. He didn’t have much to say but she let him be his self. I slapped the dog shit out of him. My mind got to wondering how could this have happened to me cause we did everything together. Well they work together so how convenient that is for the both of them. I’m so bothered by this it’s making me even madder sitting here doing this. I call myself forgiving him but i can’t forget. Never thought this will happen to me. He’s trying his best to fix his fuck up it’s really no room for ERROR. You NASTY HOMEWRECKER!!!! My man of 12 years not about to be a step father to all your kids. Hope you enjoy the time that you had cause it won’t be going down again.