I have been with my husband for 8 years and we have two daughters (4 and 6), and we found out almost two years ago that our youngest daughter had leukemia. She is currently in remission and maintenance treatment. Over a year ago I started hanging out with a high school acquaintance, and we became very good friends very quickly. We spent almost every day of 9 months together. She started going through troubled times with her husband and decided to divorce him in September of last year. I was there for her anytime she needed to talk, I offered my advice being as my soon to be ex had cheated on me 2-3 yrs before. She had even helped me in taking care of one or the other kids since the baby is immune compromised at times. || On January 1st, I found”I love you” messages between her and my husband. I left her house and confronted him about it. He said it was stupid and he was sorry, he’d never talk to her again. Things went well, we went on our annual trip, we had fun with each other for about 2 months. March 11, I found out that she is pregnant with his child. Long story short he left me for her. She has two children with two different guys already. Both under the age of 6. My husband now expects me to let him take our children to stay with her at her house because that is where he moved to. He refuses to see the kids unless he can take them there. And now is trying to blame everything on me. And I mean his infidelity and all. || Our daughter still has till the end of November for chemo treatments and a heightened chance of the cancer returning. They did all of this knowing the situation with her. My husband can no longer tell me when we have a doctor’s appointment, even though it is on the same day every other week. And she is keeping him from seeing his kids.