My soon to be ex-husband cheated on me. He made the vows, he broke the vows and I put all the blame on him. Sure, she knew he was married and had children and she’s old enough to know better! I knew her name and what she looked like for SEVERAL months. It was quite the ego sinker to know my husband would risk throwing our marriage away on someone so much older and unattractive than me. She waited until after I had left him and moved literally across the country to reach out to me. She had the audacity to play the pity card, the victim card, then the “I’m a good person card and it’s been done to me!” Card and then the “I don’t want my daughter to find out or my reputation to get ruined!” Card. Well sweetie! If you’d have just left me alone and never bothered me, I would never had said a word to anyone that could have known you and went on hating my disgusting husband and making fun of you with my family. However, seeing how today WOULD have been our wedding anniversary and my son cried himself to sleep wanting his daddy tonight, here is what I think of the deck of cards you want to play! If you want people to think you’re a good person…. ACTUALLY BE A GOOD PERSON! You are most certainly OLD enough to know better and I think the world deserves to know you better as well… YOU ARE A HOMEWRECKER!!!