This company is also operating from Florida under the name US Galaxy Post. I live in Atlanta GA and they contacted me via email and I had a phone interview and submitted some of my personal info. They sent me a package but the ship to name and address did not match the purchasers info on the packing slip and the website and the info provided I was made to believe that this was for shoppers abroad that companies would not want to take the risk to ship to directly. This was a red flag so I waited for the first package and the label was to be shipped to a different address in the US, and this confirmed my suspicion. They have people ship as a third party so they cant be traced. The goods in the packages are probably purchased with stolen credit card information. My contacts at the company were Sherrie Zamora 754-400-2127, Josephine Davidson 754-400-2093 and Clinton Knapp 754-400-2062. The website is