Victim’s computer went on the blink and a pop-up on the screen warned her that she needed to call 888-333-8057 immediately to get rid of the Computer Virus. Victim called # and spoke with a "Sharma Shushat" from "Gallardo" who offered to fix her computer and antivirus protection for (1) year for $226.  Then, he called back to say that they got in trouble with the Government and the Govt is making Sharma refund $100 of money to victim.  "Sharma" said he would send the $100 through World Bank.  Then he asked to victim to type in the amount to be send and after she typed in $100, he changed it to $10,000 and pretended to be all upset on the phone saying he would lose his job now and that she needed to reimburse him by buying Gift Cards for $10,000 in increments of $5,000, $3,000 & $2,000.  Victim said she was not giving a Dime and that she new it was a scam.