Submitted: 9/11/01nModified: 9/11/01 nOn Sep 8, 2001 I purchased a Playstation 2 (PS2) model no. 30000 (HK$2,230) and another item (HK$80) from the shop. The total amount I paid in cash was HK$2,310 and the clerk gave me an invoice. nWhile I was waiting for my products I asked him if I can play US version games with the model I just purchased. The clerk explained to me about the different versions of PS2. He said that only some models can be modified to play US version games and that model no. 30000 cannot play US games. I told him that I wanted to play US games because I don’t understand Japanese. And he said that PS2 model no. 35000 can be modified to play US games. I asked for him to change my purchase to model no. 35000. But he said that it is more expensive. He would charge me HK$3680 for this model. nAt this point I was already very suspicious of this clerk. So I told him that I didn’t have enough money on hand and if I could come back again next month to pay the balance (HK$1450) and he agreed. He took back the original invoice and gave me a new one. I left his shop empty handed. nThe next day (Sep 9, 2001) I went back to the shopping centre to canvass prices. I found out that other shops sell PS2 model no.35000 at around HK$2,700! Not only that but I also found out that any model of PS2 can be modified to play US games! Undoubtedly, the clerk from the other day had tried to cheat me. nSo I went back to his shop and told him that I wanted to get my original purchase (PS2 model no. 30000). He said that he “can’t”” because he had already reserved the other machine for me. I told him that he can sell it to another customer but he still refuses my request. Then I asked him to refund my money since I never got any of the products but he still refused. nAs of now my money which totals HK$2

310 is still with the cheating shop. And I on the other hand have recieved nothing from the shop. So I am requesting to either get a full refund or get my originally purchased goods. I hope that the the Ripoff Scams can help me into resolving this issue. n#6613″

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