My 8 year old son took about 10 N64 games to Game X Change to get in-store credit to be used to purchase used video games. nAt the time we checked out, my son still had $15.00 of unused credit. The store clerk hand wrote a receipt that stated the games my son purchased and the said “$15.00 gift certificate””. nThe following week we returned to the store and picked out another video game to buy. When I presented my receipt that I thought would show my son’s $15.00 credit

I was told that I needed to have an actual gift certificate

not the receipt. The store clerk from the week before never game me a gift certificate and the store apparently does not keep records of who they fill out gift certificates for. So in a nutshell

the store clerk knowingly kept the $15.00 credit for himself. nThe store refused to give my son the credit and was very insensitve to my son who was crying by that time because he thought he had $$ to buy the games he wanted. It is very hard for an 8 year old to understand that a place of business could steal his money and then be so rude and unfriendly about it. We will never shop there again and I’ve told this story to every parent I know that shops there or has thought about shopping there. nHollynTulsa