DO NOT FALL FOR THIS FACEBOOK SCAM! The items sold are misrepresented! the sizing is incorrect, they will not cancel orders, they will not honor their return policy even when the item is CLEARLY not what was ordered. After multiple emails going back and forth (listed below) it appears this is run by one person, Dariance M., who is scamming the Facebook community. There was NO INVOICE included with the shirt I ordered which was supposed to be an XL. It was not labeled and there was no invoice included in the package. I asked for a return label and a refund and was given the “no

oh well

too bad”” response. I have all of the measurements and policy information and have filed a claim with my bank as this is a SCAM. The quality is also very poor. AVOID GAMEDAY-TEES.COM AT ALL COSTS!!!! YOU’LL BE SORRY! GameDay Tees([email protected]) From: [email protected] on behalf of GameDay Tees ([email protected]) Sent: Mon 11/16/15 10:27 AM To: We have received and reviewed the details you provided. Per out posted policy

which you agreed to when ordering

we are the ones who determine eligibility for a return or exchange. We have determined that your order is not eligible for return or exchange. We process hundreds of orders each day and the vast majority of our customers are satisfied and frequently re-order.In the event that your bank withholds payment