Victor D.11/08/2015Edit Warning do not go here! Do spend your money with these people. They sold my son a brand new game that did not work. He tried to exchange it for the exact same game about 1hour later and was told no. They said bring your xbox in so we can test the game. Please note he has no problems with his xbox, it works perfect. They told him they could fix his xbox for 150.00 and it would cost 20 to clean the disk he just purchased from them that did not work. So i called them, there solution was give him a store credit of 33. I told them we just wanted to exchange the game since it was defective again they said no because they would lose money. I went and got it replaced else where. Please do not shop with these dishonest people. They will only try to con you and steal your money. They only tried to get him fix something was not broken and charge 150.00 to do it. Just for the record the new game worked perfect along with every other game he has shame on you gamedeadz for trying to take advantage of a little kid

16351 Ford rd Dearborn , Michigan USA


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