I ordered a game system from the website Gamephoenix.com. it was a playstation 2 and some extras for 260 dollars on Wednsday July 7, 2004. the website stated that i would recieve the system within 7 to 10 business days. Within 5 days, i received and e-mail stating that my order was being processed. two weeks went by and i started getting worried, so i e-mailed the guy, asking what was going on with my order. He replied that there was nothing wrong with it, that he had just been preoccupied. nWell then a month after my order was placed, i began sending him e-mails, asking when i was going to get my system, telling him that his site said i would get it within ten days. i didnt get an answer for about a week and a half. when i got an answer, it said “Sorry

I just got back in from out of town this morning. I had been gone for over a week. You’re system is done. I just have to do the Romeo mod on it and test it to make sure everything is stable. I’ll try to get it out today or Monday. Sorry about not getting back to you faster.”” this was on August 13

2004. nso i said

Great! he just needs to ship it. well ever since then

ive been trying to contact him