Well this is a complaint about an employee there named Derek Geller. I did a google search on him to find his last name provided by his linkedin account which he says he gives “great customer service”” lol. Anyways he was outright rude and obnoxious to me when checking out my items

with a smug smile on his face. I asked for a manager and again he gave me the same smile and said “”i am the manager””. So i wrote a negative review about him with my feedback number provided on the receipt. But guess what…he was still working there the next time i went into the store. The 2nd time i didn’t have to deal with him because someone else checked me out (who was very nice). But still it annoyed me that this piece of garbage (Derek) still had a job even though i left details with how rude he was to me. I’ve done some google searches and apparently Gamestop is infamous for having horrible employees. So why is it that i have to deal with rude people in a place of business. I could easily take my business to an online store such as Amazon but instead i give my business to a Gamestop. I pay for the Powerup Pro Rewards as well so I’m a pretty loyal customer..not just an average dollar here

dollar there type of customer. I don’t have the time right now to give every detail of the outright rude comments he made

plus i would like to remain anonymous so i will leave it at that. If guys like this have a job my faith in this company is gone. Not to mention the fact that he’s a manager. I switched to a different store since this happened and I’ve recieved better service but still

the fact that this guy can get away with treating a customer in this way is sick. So I think I’ll be taking my business somewhere else. I mean i understand that you can’t judge a company based off of one bad apple but still. If i left negative feedback with details that were obviously wrong to do on his part then why does he still have a job? If gamestop refuses to discipline their employees