they stole 2 accounts from me.


My Complaint: I played a game called Final fantasy XI since 2007 I stopped playing in March of this year my accounts totaled a value of over $1000.00 and this site offered to buy both accounts in sept for just over that. however they needed log on info to verify what I told them was on the accounts they changed all the info and never paid me I lost access to those accounts so I can’t play again if I wanted to and I am out the money they promised. I kept all the emails I sent to them and the ones with the offers they sent me and I accepted the offers but no monies have been paid for me their site says fast payment this has been 3 months now. I tried to get answers and replies but I get nothing not even an answer on whats holding it up or when I will get paid they seem to take the accounts and then ignore people.


My Demand: I want access back to my accounts or the money. its only fair.