Ordered garcinia camdbogia and coffee bean extract diet supplements from online website. No copany name was posted at the website.Was only to pay s/h of $5.00 each for free trial bottles. I did receive the product. In 14 days I was charged $80.00 + for each item that automatically was taken out of my checking acct . without my authorization or pemission. I tried to email the seller to cancel what I thought was a mistake, and was told that I ordered the two new items as a part of a “contiuation or completion” of my original order. There was no aqgreement on my part to puchase additional product, nothing in the original order that stated a contract or agreement of any kind.I beleive this is a scam to keep taking money from my account that I should not owe. I will contacy the Better Bisiness Bureau if I can find how to make a complaint, and I will try to work with my bank to remove these charges from my account. I will make a fraud report today with my bank. I am a

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Garcinia Cambogia Free Trials