Garcinia Sample ordered on credit card by husband, on 1/19/17, which he thinks was immediately returned as he is diabetic and it was not recommended for his use. Charged as recurring payment as authorized by Amazon Prime member. Not ordered that way. Not sure he received the product at all now he is ill. he is Same day, charge was made to his card of $105.93. He received no refund and no notice of return or money charged, Found what took place when bank statement arrived. Second charge on bank statement one week later as recurring payment, charged to my credit caard, in my name, same description, as authorized by me. Not true. $105.93 Third charge from Gonatgarcini as recurring charge of $92.99 to my credit card. Same daate2/2 another charge for $92.97 for Advancedgreencoffee, not ordered, not heard of, and not received as were none of products listed here and above.Will contact Amazon today for explanation for their name involved.

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