he is a f***ing lier, ripp off artist’s, He prays on people that are on disability, sells them dreams of home ownership, promises, to get their credit straight, and you own the home, that’s a bunch of bull s**t! I gave him 1800.00, spent close to 5,000 on repairs, on the house that was suppose to be mine, as he proclaimed, it to be, then i went to work for him worked for 3 months straight never received a pay check, so i did pay my rent for one month, you know that b*****d had the nerve to fill for an eviction, after he refused to pay me, and do the repairs, on the house, he is a f***ing lier’! and he takes advantage of people of all colors that are handicapp and receive disability, needless to say i filed a counter claim against his a*s!, and hired an attorney, i assume he is scared to come to court, due to the fact he doe’snt want to face up to the music of paying me for

516 turtle creek? indianapolis, Indiana United States of America


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