I bought the Allogio Gazebo Replacement Canopy – RipLock 600 on 7/2/2013…it took over a month for it to be delivered. Four week ago it tore from one end to the other. We live in central Florida and there was not a storm that night or anything. I contacted them to report what happen and they refuse to even offer a discount on a replacment. They responded with: Generally in moderate climate the heavier grade fabric should last 3-5 years, however since you are in Florida and have more sun exposure and windy conditions, we tend to see that the canopies last on average about 2-3 years. There are a few things you can do to try and make the canopy last longer, first being to take it down in any inclement weather conditions, and two would be reapplying a fabric guard at least every season to help protect the canopy from the suns UV rays. We do recommend a specific kind of fabric guard called 303 High Tech Fabric Guard, as it is one of the few brands that is not alcohol based. I explained that it didn’t even last two years and they didn’t care and just kept responding with: We offer a six-month performance warranty for this product, however your purchase was made back in 2013 and is outside of the warranty time frame. For this reason we are unable to provide you with any kind of replacement canopy or refund under warranty. If you would like to purchase a new canopy the price currently is $199.99. STAY AWAY from this company. They don’t stand behind their products and don’t care about their customers.

4950 East Second Street Benicia, California USA



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