Placed an order with Gardeners Choice, but noticed my shipping was twice what their front page advertised for what I ordered. nCalled to ask them to cancel the order if they couldnt remove the extra shipping charge and was told I could cancel tomorrow but the order was not showing yet today. nCalled the next day 11am and was told the order was already processing and could not be canceled and that I should have called at 7am. Ha. Would not allow me to speak to a Supervisor or anyone higher. nI had to call my bank and pay $8 just to keep them from being able to charge me and hope that they don’t try to charge it from a separate company name since it appears they work under several or rather I should say rip people off under several names. nI have of course filed a report with thier BBB but from the look of it, I dont think anyone in Hartford is bothered that they have a company operating this way in their area. nGnHiddenite, North CarolinaU.S.A.

PO Box 8000 Hardford, Michigan U.S.A.