I Bought a Gateway laptop just today,it was my 1st gateway ever, its model NV55c, i got it to replace my $375 4 years old toshiba laptop.The gateway is intel i5 processor.The moment i started it i was so mad and pissed off about the LCD Display quality, colors are Horrible, viewing angle is Bad.I regret the second and moment that i decided to give Gateway a try.i put it side by side with my old Toshiba, BIG DIFFERENCE ,Toshiba is MUCh Brighter richer color, excellent viewing angles. Worse yet i chatted with online Customer service Shameel M K , He didnt Care at all and asked me to try to return it to the store if they have this policy.Now im Stuck with this Poor display laptop,I;m pissed off. Please guys and Gals, Do not buy Gateway Unless you want to regret it.I promise you, you will be PISSED OFF, specially if you had a different brand laptop b4 and know how it feels like to have bright rich color with nice viewing angle.

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