As long as you think about your well-being and take care of yourself without harming any other person, it is completely fine. I have always been called a narcissist and rather than taking it as a taunt, I take it as a compliment. I have always been subjected to stereotypical and sexist remarks just because I take care of my face and body. One of the longest fights I’ve had is with acne. Ever since I was a child, pimples used to sprout on my face. I did not care about it much but as I grew up, I realized that it is a problem and should be taken care of.
I was getting treated by a perfect acne dermatologist until she shifted to another city to expand her business. I had been her patient since the very beginning and her sudden moving away left me quite upset. I knew I had to find another dermatologist or acne specialist to get proper treatment for the acne. I looked up online for proper acne-treating places and came across Glo Beauty Lounge. I read the reviews online and decided to give the place a try. I scheduled an appointment after calling the place. The appointment was scheduled for the very next day and so there I was the next day, waiting in the lobby as the dermatologist had not arrived yet. While waiting, I could not help but notice a few flaws. It seemed that it had been too long since they got a paint job. The Air Conditioner too was making a weird noise. My motion of thought was interrupted by a staff member who told me to go in as the doctor had arrived.
After only looking at my skin, she prescribed me lots of medicines. I was surprised by this as she did not even touch my skin or ask me any questions regarding it. After this, I was simply told to clear my payment for the month and told to come after a month after properly having those medicines.
Even after a month, there was not a shred of improvement. The medicines kind of accelerated the growth of the nasty little pimples. When I went in after a month, it seemed that the dermatologist had forgotten about me. I had to remind her after which she was like – ‘Oh, you’.
She applied something on my face and after letting it dry for a minute, put on a chemical peel. After a moment, the pimples started irritating and the skin as if it was burning. She told me to wait it out despite me pleading her to take it off. After the session was over, my face was all red and pimples swollen. I vowed to never go back to Glo Beauty Lounge and I never did.
I would recommend everyone to stay safe and sound by not going to this place ever.

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