Editoru2019s Comment: 05/04/2018 Ripoff Scams believes in transparency and the more information the better. In this instance, there has been court action regarding this subject Report. We believe it important to note that not all Court Orders are alike. Many court orders are absolutely legitimate and we make no representations about this court order situation. However, we want our users to be aware thatsometimes courts enter orders based upon default which typically means that the defendant didnu2019t show up. Sometimes a defendant wonu2019t show up because they didnu2019t even get notice of the case proceedings in the first place and other times defendants may not show up because they donu2019t necessarily have the knowledge and/or the financial resources to fight. Still, in other instances, a defendant may simply appear only to stipulate (settle) the case by agreeing to stipulate to a court order because they are being bullied by the plaintiff and whether what they said was true or not, they just want the matter to go away so they can move on with life and make the plaintiff go away. Again, we make no representations about this particular court order situation. We are simply providing you with additional information so that you may be more informed and, coupled with any additional research you feel is necessary, may make your own informed decision regarding the validity of this Report. As always, we encourage our readers to do their homework and not just rely on one single source for information. Google, through the Lumen Database, has provided the following document relating to this subject Report: Jordan Wirsz v Richard – Order Granting Plaintiffs Motion for Preliminary Injunction by Ripoff Scams on Scribd www.lumendatabase.org otices/14087297 END OF EDITORu2019S COMMENT THE ORIGINAL REPORT IS UNDER THE LINE IMMEDIATELY BELOW ____________________________________________________ Gavish realty has unscrupulous sales people. They hire sales people like Jonathan “aka”” jordan Wirsz without even doing a background check. This Jordan Wirsz is a con and a theif. He opens many corporations steals from his clients packs up shop moves to another state and starts the whole process again. Google Mr. Wirsz and see all the 30 plus defaulted corporations in the past 2 years. His latest was his scam in Arizona where he has indictments and judgements for over 2 million dollars. Hmmmmm guess he is starting up again now in Las Vegas Hiding in Gavish Realty’s Bullpen of sales people.Don’t take my word for it. Google him and all his theivery and all his 30 plus corporations in default status will pop right up. If Gavish hires a individule like this it really shows their ethics as a realestate company!!!!!!”

Nevada USA