I found GCM remodeling on Craigslist and contacted them to replace my fence and deck. Mariusz Gajewski (goes by Mark Gajewski) is the owner. I checked out their facebook page and they seemed to have many photos of the work they had done. Also their quote was very reasonable. I hired them on the condition that both the deck and fence will pass the city inspection, which he agreed to. His crew consists of his dad and one other person. They removed the old deck and installed a new fence. After the fence was installed but before the deck work was to begin, I got a notice from the city inspector that my fence had failed inspection. They had used ordinary nails instead of the weather proof screws for the fence. Unfortunately by then I had handed over 90% of the payment. Being a first time home owner I naively agreed to such a payment scheme because as he explained he needed the money for the materials. Once I informed him about the inspection report and that the fence needs to fixed to pass inspection, I never saw him again. He promised to fix it a few times over the phone and email but never showed up. The last email said that he was out of the country (he is a polish immigrant) and does not know when he will be back. The deck for which I had paid most of the money was never built. These are scam artists. Please stay away from these guys.

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