I received this card addressed to me at my home address earlier this week. The other side had no return address, appeared to be printed by a laser printer, but did have a bar code at the bottom added by running it through a machine, probably by USPS. I did a reverse phone lookup and apparently that phone number is registered to Gcp Capital Par which looks like a legitimate company in Springville, NY. WhitePages indicated this phone account is a Nonfixedvoip which may account for potential call hijacking vulnerability. After looking at the business website, I do not think the business is involved, I suspect the spammer is using their phone system due to some vulnerability. When I dialed the phone, an automated response put me on hold. I hung up after at least a minute of waiting when no one picked up the line. My biggest concern is that my personal address is on a mailing list used by a spammer. I suppose it’s the new normal. Surprised though that this got through the USPS. This has to be some violation of postal code.