Complaint: Stay away from this disgusting organization!! I sent my VP on my behalf to one of their events. My VP was put in a room full of vendors to be tossed around like fresh meat in a lion pit! Countless cold calls from vendors post event, exhausting 3 days of hell at their event! This was a complete waste of our time. They try to rope you in by saying your flights, hotels are free and that it is covered through budget for a handfull of executives, later to find out they cover EVERYONES flights and hotels..Why? Because Vendors pay THOUSANDS of dollars to be at one event!!! I was told this was one of their “flagship summit’s”” and we were lied to by the GDS rep. We were told specific c-level executives were going to be in attendance

Tags: Sales People

Address: and specific fortune 500 companies

Website: and the rep had to nerve to mention an executive who would be on site

Phone: guess what NONE of them were at the event. This company puts pictures of executives on their websites who aren’t even attending their summit. They even had the balls to call us after the event to try to get us to another event of theirs! Their rep was blaring music in the background