Complaint: Glenda Stiles of GE ELECTRICAL SERVICES LLC of Las Vegas, NV refused to allow their former 18 yr old employee to have a witness to him receiving the money they illegally withheld on his final check. Standing quietly at the door while Glendas husband calmly explained to the ex employee that he had to sign for the cash given instead of a check when out of nowhere this woman, who I later found out was Glenda Stiles, came rushing into the front office being belligerent and demanding his 2 witnesses GET OUT OF HER OFFICE. We quietly left and she proceeded to slam the door, hitting the 2nd witness in the arm and locking the front door, locking the 18 yr old in her office. As the ex employee was leaving we could hear her talking at almost a yell to 2 current employees that the ex employee had to bring back up to handle his problems for him, mocking an 18 yr old, and proceeded to yell at the top of her lungs at the ex employee in the parking lot. Glenda Stiles is also refusing to provide the ex employee his daily work logs for his records as there is a discrepancy in her company withholding over time and “banking”” it so GE ELECTRICAL SERVICES LLC can stay in a lower tax bracket. Per the Nevada employment standards these documents cannot be withheld. I have never seen such unprofessional behaviour in an adult

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Phone: 5845 Lindell Rd Las Vegas NV Las Vegas, Nevada United States