On 4/2009 I purchased a air/heating service contract with GE for $149.00. They sent a contractor out which charged $50 , looked at my unit and said he had to order a part. He came by only after I kept calling the co. He put the little part on and said that should do it. He turned on the air and asked do i feel it. I said no. He said give it 24 hours since it’s so hot! From that point on, for four weeks , I’ve been waiting all day on a GE contractor. Either the contractor # is disconnected or the wrong # or else they didn’t show up nor did they call. The only thing customer service did was say they are sorry and they will do what they can do which is what they have been trained to say. One company affliated with GE is Any Weather which did not show up and GE gave me a window of 8-5 when they would come. When I called GE they said that company don’t service my area. I still have not had anyone to come and service my air conditioner unit and am out of $199! GE is a total Rip! nNishnLithonia, GeorgiaU.S.A.

P.O.Box 100 Rapid City, South Dakota U.S.A.


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