Call from 510-352-1827 CallerID=City of San Leandro I picked up because I thought it was the City calling. After saying hello there was 2 sec of silence before a male voice said "This is Jason from GE Security Systems. " I said that what he was doing was illegal and I was reporting him to the FTC. But he persisted in trying to engage me and get me to say yes. "Do you have a security system? Are you the homeowner?" I lost it and started screaming and slammed the phone down. In the past couple of months I have gotten an increasing number of daily calls from numbers which share my area code and prefix. . Usually the CallerID is Unknown (or some variation of this) or an individual’s name, unknown to me but locally traceable to a real local business or individual who did not make the call. Today was the first time the CallerID was that of the City. They never leave message. See below for list of other numbers used.I have a landline and my prefix is one that is usually associated with a long held landline phone number. I believe that this represents a new nasty trend to try and trick older people into answering the phone and to be recorded saying "yes".Other numbers used:510-352-9212 CallerID = Unknown Name This is on Joaquin in San Leandro510-352- CallerID = Segerdell, Barbara Supposedly this number belongs to somebody named510-352-1730 CallerID = Unknown Name Number supposedly belongs to someone named Christian Erick