Complaint: I received a rather scary alert message indicating that there was a serious virus on my computer and that I was at high risk of identity theft. The message has a Microsoft letterhead so I foolishly called the number given for support. I should have known that it was a scam but I was unable to remove the warning message and didn’t know what else to do. They told me that I have over a thousand high risk messages. Then they offered to resolve the situation for me. At the very end of the conversation they informed me that the fee for the service provided would be over $500. I cannot afford that much money since I am a retired, senior citizen living on a fixed income. They then reduced the fee to #199.99 and that would have to be paid with a cashier’s check or money order. I did get the check but have not mailed it. Edith Rensselaer, NY

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: 10620 Southern Highlands Pkwy Las Vegas, Nevada USA


Phone: 800 693 0541