I thought I was reaching out to Geek Squad technical Support who works thru Best Buy when I purchased a new laptop in Jan. 2016. I acquired their phone number on the internet. It turns out that they were not Geek Squad but pretending to be Geek Squad with a telephone number 800 832 5456. Two weeks after purchasing my laptop I phoned them for technical support. They told me my computer was going to crash if I didn’t pay them $499 for lifetime Malware Security Software. I paid them and then they completely changed my computer. It seems just about every week I had a laptop issue, they would get on my computer remotely and "fix the problem". The last phone call to them on 4/29/16 was a security pop up issue, and they took remote access. Three hours later then completely destroyed my computer so I was not able to use it. I then walked into Best Buy to tell them Geek Squad had been working on my computer and now it doesn’t work. They looked at the phone and didn’t recognize the number. I then realized I had been scammed.