Complaint: I doubt that avg free authorized this company to pose as representing them. I have used avg free for around 15 years. However, when I clicked on a pop up on my laptop I thought was from avg I received a download that dramatically slowed down m laptop. When I tried to contact avg this morning I got a site claiming avg technical support and called them. I gave them access to my laptop and the technician said I had no virus support and many hackers were in my laptop. Ok, fix it, I responded, still thinking I was really talking to avg. When he said it was going to cost at least $300 I became angry, expletives not mentioned here. He hung up the phone after saying he was destroying the use of my laptop. I knew this could not have been AVG. After running scans, etc. and restarting and opening things seem ok for now. I recalled the avg support number and it was geeks tech support that I had talked to. I suspect their site might have hackers working. I am going to contact AVG and report this scam is operating claiming they are AVG support.

Tags: Computer Programmers

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 8008325456