I have been collecting jewlry for over 30 years. Mostly I buy it on actions or shopping network. On Gem Shopppping Network Mihe, a host there was bejond himself talking abouth the superb quality of this exceptional quality of Tahitian Pearls. I ordered a strand and waited in excitement, I have NEVER been so dissapointed opening a jewelry box. We were all stunned by the terrible pearls, unshapely with big blisters and open holes in the pearls.Light in weight not much nacre there. In addision there are appearenty no manager you can get a hold of, and I have to pay for shipping and insurance bouth ways even when the produck was defect. I will not be buying anyting from this company again, and advice you all to do your homework before you buy anything you have not seen in person. Just glad I started off with smaller items to get a feeling for their q

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