I saw a job offer that sounded wonderful, with great salary and benefits. But when I applied, a lady pretending to be the hr department contacted me. I already filed a report with the FBI as well. Whoever was on the other end is attempting to prey on college students who are looking for internships. Once offered he/she requested that I purchased "work equipment". I refused and told them it wasn’t the job i was looking for. However, the continued to insist and was willing to send a check. Automatically i realized it was a potential scam but i continued to play along to get as much information as possible. I called my bank and notified them that i will be cashing a check that might be related to a fraud and to annotate it on my account. Once I cashed it the told me to then purchase the "work equipment". That’s when i figured what they were planning. Whoever, it is lure people in with a job offer, send them a bad check and then when the victim purchases this "work equipment" they are left with a bad check that will be denied once its verified by that bank and would lose the money they deposited for the "work equipment". I didn’t fall for the scam and I would really like to put this person away because he attempts to prey on college students, like myself, who don’t know any better.