We own a company and are tax exempt. We purchased new equipment and financed our lease through GE Capital. We had a contract for 60 months to pay $1214 a month and then the last payment would be a purchase option for $1 and then ownership of the equipment would be transferred to our company. The contract was signed by the president of our company and by the finance manager at GE Capital. When we got the first statement the bill was for over $1500. We contacted them and they said they didn’t have a copy of our lease agreement! So we emailed them and faxed them a copy and contacted the person we originally dealt with. She told us it was an accounting error and to make the payment for $1214 and include a copy of the agreement. We did so and then the next bill came for $1900. We again contacted GE and were told that the extra amount was for unspecified taxes. WHAT? I told the man I spoke to that we were tax exempt and then he said “When a company claims tax exemption then sometimes various fees are added to the account” This is dispicable and dishonest. I predict this company will go the way of Enron and other corporate scams. .

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