I am a 57 year old man who has purchased GE products from the age of 15, buying portable radios up to adult age where I relied on GE appliances to keep food cold, cooked, and clothing cleaned. The feeling of buying a practicly maintenance free appliance that would last was a relief on ones mind who has worked to support a family nI purchased a GE washer and dryer approximately 3 years ago. The washer has been the poorest excuse for an appliance I have ever seen. I have had the washer worked on 2 times prior to the Warranty running out and now it’s in need of repair for the same problems, but at my own expense. Need I say what it will cost to repair the washer plus for the house call and parts for a 3 year old washer is totally without a doubt Insane nThe trust I did have in GE products has been totally buried and gone from this point on. I am not having the washer repaired for the same problem 6 months down the road. I have decided to purchase Maytag where I feel I can get the best services for my money and peace of mind knowing I will not have to wonder if I am going to have clean clothes to wear. Maybe, I can get the feeling of knowing a manufacturer is making products for the Working Man and Woman to have confidence in without spending money on it all the time after purchasing it. As an American and a Consumer, I want you, GE, to know I am very disappointed in your company and will not be buying anymore GE products and will advise others to look elsewhere. nSincerely

Frankfort, Kentucky United States of America

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