Complaint: I purchased a 2001 Aztek. I have had multiple problems with it and finally decided to do something about it. I filed a claim and filled out paper work, but was told that since the dealership never identified the problem (steering/wheel bearing) even though multiple time I asked them to identify and correct the problem. Now I am driving a vehicle that is not safe and am paying almost $500. The wheel bearing is going out, steering is locking up on left turns and they tell me that they won’t do anything about it. I took this vehicle to the dealership when it had only 18000 miles on it with this complaint and multiple times after that. I was told that since the dealership did not find the problem GM will not do anything to help me. I told excellent care of this vehicle, all services done when they were supposed to be done, etc. I have a list of 10 complaints that have been worked on, some fixed, some not. I cannot afford to have the wheel bearings fixed, I should not have to pay to have them fixed since they have been going out since I purchased the vehicle. I feel that my only recourse at this time is to drive the vehicle until I wreck on the freeway and have my family sue the dealership and GM or to file bankruptcy to get out from under a $467 a month payment for a vehicle that is not road safe. I am not a mechanic. Each time that the dealership had my vehicle they had a list of the symptoms and problems and each time they told me they could not duplicate the problem. They had the vehicle for over 8 hours each time. GM basically told me that because I did not make the dealership identify the problem they will not help me. IT IS NOT MY JOB TO DO THE DEALERSHIP’S JOB FOR THEM. I AM NOT A MECHANIC. EACH TIME I WAS VERY SPECIFIC ABOUT THE PROBLEMS AND THEY WERE HAPPENING BEFORE I HIT 10,000 MILES. NOW I HAVE AN UNSAFE VEHICLE, I STILL OWE TOO MUCH TO TRADE IT IN AND I CANNOT AFFORD A REPAIR THAT I IDENTIFIED WHILE THE VEHICLE WAS STILL UNDER WARRANTY. Cheryl LOGAN, OhioU.S.A.

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