Complaint: I bought a brand new Pontiac Aztek in February 2002. The rear hatch did not release correctly, the passenger’s side front door did not close correctly, and the 12V power points all failed within the first 30,000 miles. The power locks became erratic in their behavior, the seat material had a hole in the bolstering due to poor frame design, and the wheel bearings needed replaced at 30,000 miles. At 31,000 miles… After a history of excellent maintainence on this vehicle (Full synthetic oil, and other services well within specified time periods) the Aztek caught fire on our way from North Carolina to Colorado for our Christmas vacation. The cause? Manufacturers defect. The fuel tank filler tube came apart from the tank and spilled fuel all over the hot exhaust where it ignited, leaving my wife, seven year old child, and myself standing barefoot in the slushy grass in 28 degree weather on the side of the Interstate in boontown, IL watching in horror and disbelief. Now, here’s where things get sticky… Shortly after purchasing the Aztek, I was so impressed with it’s versatility that I created a fan club website for the Aztek. This defect is NOT an isolated incident. The forums show that at least 2 other members/owners have had the same defect appear, although mine is the only one that resulted in a fire (that I am aware of). So, out of less than 1,000 registered members on my site, there have been 3 instances of this problem. How many out of THOUSANDS of Aztek owners have had the same problem that we do not know about? (By the way, you can see pictures of the fire, in progress here: GM basically told me to take a walk, that my insurance company would take care of it… Let me tell you how THAT worked out… My insurance company paid the blue book value of the vehicle to GMAC, leaving me a balance of more than $2,500.00 to take care of. Then, my insurance company dropped my policy. (They gave me an option to renew at almost double my rate, even though they were to get their money back from General Motors and “ESIS”” (GM’s insurance company.) I did have “”Gap Insurance”” which covered the rest of the loan amount. NEVER EVER buy a new car without this!!! After all of the insurance companies settled

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Address: GM still turned a profit from me. I bought the vehicle for $22

Website: and will only recover that amount from GM. This leaves $9

Phone: 500. The insurance company only paid out $13