I had a warning message come up on my computer that I had a virus through Microsoft Windows and they Indian gentleman said that I had been hacked. He said I needed to work with him to ensure that my personal banking information hadnt been exposed. he put me on the phone with another man that asked for between 500-700 to fix the problem. I said no, and they kept coming down in price asking me what I could afford to pay. as they were doing this I was googling the name of their company and seeing that their was a scam associated with it. i found that the name of the company is Gentech. this guy ron became very loud and pushy because while he was insisting that my problem was on every computer and phone in my house that his people had already started working on the problem and now i had to pay them. out of curiosity I asked him about their smallest program which magically came down to 149. | 99 and he wanted a credit card. he then said he didnt have a bank in the united states so if i was going to go ahead with this (since I now owed him money because coicidentally his people were now done with fixing the virus) i would have to call my credit card company up and ask them to lift an “international ban” on my card so that his charge will go through. this whole thing was crazy fishy, i told him I would have to get back to him – called my credit card company who said they were a suspicious company and then found that there was a prior report on here with a very similiar circumstance. I am now being harassed by this ron character calling me multiple times a day asking for payment. next time he calls I am going to inform him that I will be calling the police. |

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