Retired and amilitary veteran. My wife and I were called every month to do an owner education and stay at the Jockey Cloarn Las Vegas, Nevada. Finally we decided to meet friends there and show them the fabulous place we had to stay at. The reservations were made with David G. However with this reservation, we still had to find another place for another day; because hesaid that is all your allotment and we could not buyany more.(Red lights should have gone off then) We told all our friends to come see us at the Jockey Club. One days before we are due there David G. calls to say they have over booked and we will have to stay somewhere else. His attitude was nasty and totally disrespectful. Ten minutes later we get a call that we owe fees. We pay them and the girl on the phone ( we have her name and date) waived all late fees : because you have to bee up to date to stay with them. Then we get a nasty email saying you must stay at the Tuscany Suites. We called back to speak with David and he said there was nothing he could do not his department. You call the Jockey Club desk and they say they can not help not their department. All they do is pass the buck. We travel quite a bit with 2 other couples all the time. So , Wenow know when David made the reservation he was not telling the truth. We are from Texas; airline reservations had been made for months- dear friends coming to town so with 1 day – we had to go where they said. The Tuscany Suites is one of the worst places we have ever stayed. The room was large , it had a kitchen with afrig, nomicrowave and plenty of cabinets. The ac/heat was in front of a window sothe curtains blew upand out all the time. The bathroom had a fan that came on all the time and sounded like a Harley Davidson in the room. We would use the bathroom in the dark just not to hear that roar. We has an owner education scheduled for 1:00 propmt on Monday. We arrived at 20 minutes to 1. All Minorites please be ware. We saw over 90% minority people ihe waiting room at 1:30 they still had not come out and no one knew when they would. Other people were mad because of the wasted time. We had to ask for a supervisor after a very arrogant and rude young man insulted us. All the employess had the attitude you just have to wait, This is not a professional attitude at all. We wanted to scream to all the prey – buyer be ware. The Supervisor that finally came out was Derek U. he tried to handle things ; he did apologize and gave one for the young man and David G. We feel riped off; abused and insulted. And now our phone rings everday now about other charges. The automated thing – say we owe $15.00 – when you call and talk with an attendant – they say they are showing nothing. GEO Holiday is a joke. As senior citizens we feel this is a ripoff and they continue to harasse us daily.

3700 Las Vegas Blvd,S., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Lubbock, Select State/Province USA