Complaint: My car was recently repaired from an accident at George Ballas GMC in Toledo Ohio. When I recieved the car back the dealership did not want me looking at the car when I picked it up and hurried me out the door. Upon arriving home I examined the car and found that the paint did not match at all. There are paint runs down the doors, the body work is showing through the paint, there is gray overspray from the primer on other parts of the car. To make the situation worse, the boy shop took a grinder over a window and damaged the window and also damage hundreds of dollars worth of molding. I THOUGHT A GM DEALERSHIP WOULD DO A GOOD JOB….BUT BEWARE…ESPECIALLY TOLEDO RESIDENTS….Finally State Farm Insurance Co. got sick of hearing from me and paid for the amount in would cost to repair the car again. The bill and the amount George Ballas was paid was $1397.88 and the amount of damage that still exists is 1,019.00. The body shop manager and the assistant general manager were completely uncoroperative and out right refused to repair the damage unless I paid or State Farm paid more money. I WOULD NOT BUY A CAR OR HAVE ANY CAR FIXED AT GEORGE BALLAS GMC.

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