Complaint: He scammed me too. I hired him to install cameras and he lied saying that someone was trying to hack into my brand new DVR that I paid hundreds of dollars for. He then had me pay him hundreds of dollars and never showed up and havenu2019t heard from him. He stop responding to messages and calls. He had been to my shop a few times and I realized he stole one of my cameras, itu2019s not wonder that he left through my back door and the employees thought it was suspicious as well. When I finally got a hold of him, he threatened that if I posted or reported about him or even took him to small claims that he would post about me so like an immature 57 year old that he is, he went on Yelp and made up “Accounts under girls namesu201d and was blasting me. He has no man power

Tags: Computer Dealers, Computer Service & Repair, Harrassing Women, Internet Fraud, Neighborhood Services, Ripoff- Internet

Address: he need to get a real job instead of hiding behind the computer posting. He can post all he wants

Website: Iu2019ll put in a good world for ya! DO NOT HIRE THIS MAN AND DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. DO YOUR RESEARCH

Phone: my restaurant sells itself. He also sent code enforcement telling them I had illegal wiring